Trout fishing

     Trout fishing at Ann Valley fishing complex dunhill Co.Waterford

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Fishing for Bass

A duo caught illegally fishing for bass off Tramore put themselves in “extreme danger” by going to sea in an unseaworthy boat.

Staff of Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) were working with the Garda investigating illegal netting of fish near Saleens in Co Waterford around 5am on Sunday morning last (25 August) when they came upon the tiny craft, which was not capable of dealing with the sea conditions, and had only one buoyancy aid for its two occupants.

IFI fisheries officers and gardaí were left with no choice but to alert the RNLI and IRISH COAST GUARD when what began as a fisheries investigation turned into a multi-agency marine search operation.

Thankfully the two people from the tiny craft were later found safely ashore. IFI subsequently seized the small craft and a 120m drift net, along with nine dead bass.

In a statement, IFI emphasised that fishing for bass is illegal, and that such activity has the potential to do huge damage to stocks.

The sale of wild Irish bass is also illegal, and it is important that the public does not support illegal fishing by buying such fish.

A file is being prepared by IFI with a view to prosecuting the fisheries offence.

IFI director David McInerney said it is incredible the risks that are undertaken by people undertaking  water based activities.

The area in question is famous for having great stocks of bass and sea trout, but sadly has been the location for a number of tragic drowning’s in recent years.


New Zealand to install cameras on board all fishing vessels and implement Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) within 2 years

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According to the New Zealand Herald (Steve Deane – Ministry unveils cameras to prevent dumping of fish 26 Nov. 2013) the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries unveiled new technology designed to prevent fish dumping by the country’s commercial fishing fleet will be unveiled today.

This ‘new technology’, essentially on-board surveillance cameras are to be made mandatory by October 2015 under changes to the regulation of the New Zealand (Northern Snapper fishery (SNA1). The surveillance technology will be used to monitor the on-board activities of fishermen. Two surveillance cameras were installed on the Aotearoa Fisheries vessel the FV Corinthian. According to the FV Corinthian skipper Flea Reid the camera don’t bother him.

The Minister for Primary Industries told that (Snapper 1 Commercial fishing to be monitored):

This programme will provide greater information on the total commercial catch, particularly on the numbers of small snapper being caught…

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IFPAC The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs

The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs (IFPAC) is a body representing pike anglers in Ireland, North and South.The IFPAC was founded on 17th January 1988 at a meeting held at the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan. The membership for that year stood at fifteen clubs representing six hundred anglers, today membership of IFPAC is approaching 100 affiliated clubs representing in excess of seven thousand anglers from all walks of life.

The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs wishes to announce the publication of an educational ‘pike angling conservation leaflet’. It is our hope that information contained within the leaflet, will provide experienced and inexperienced anglers with a clear understanding of issues surrounding the welfare of pike. Information on unhooking and handling, appropriate tackle, the Regional Fisheries Boards and the current pike angling legislation are included.

30,000 leaflets will receive wide distribution to anglers through numerous avenues such as angling magazines, tourist accommodation providers, tackle shops and the ‘Angling Ireland’ angling show in Swords on the 17th/18th of February.

The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs clearly recognise that education is a responsibility that we all share and as such we take our role seriously in an Ireland that sees increasing pressure on our angling resource.

Fishing for cod on the quay

2013-11-30 16.00.49

This weekend i went down to the quay in Waterford city to do some fishing, the target species was cod. cod travel up the river suir from the sea to spawn in the middle of November when water temperatures get between 2 to 8 degrees. I fished the river at a similar time last year and hooked a 17 lbs beast and was hoping for more of the same this time round.

Forgot to mention the bait i use for catching cod is lug-worms. Lugs are a great bait for cod and are fairly cheap to buy, about 20 for a fiver. Our if you live close to a beach you can pop down and dig some up from the sand when the tids is low.

After starting to fish just before  full tide i knew i didnt have alot of time to fish so was keen to get cracking. So first cast out in to the middle of the river, five minutes later i get a bit a small 1lbs cod. This is a good sign it means the cod are in, another five minutes and another cod this time a 2 lbs cod. juring this time my mate neil has also hooked three cod of a similar size, then i hook what can only be described as a monster. the strength of the fish has my rod bowed over like id never seen before, after managing to get the fish in close to the peir he makes a dash around the large pillars underneath the platform  and its game over the beast pulls the hook out of his mouth. All i know is that it was definitely a big fish, Sickend!

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